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Let’s talk about Mariupol – Beau of the Fifth Column

Russia accuses Ukraine of attempted border breach – Al Jazeera

Russia’s military says it has prevented a “diversionary reconnaissance” group from breaching the border from Ukraine.

Ukraine Officials Come Under Shelling Attack on Eastern Front

Meanwhile, separatist leaders in eastern Ukraine order a full military mobilization amid a spike of violence in the region citing an ‘immediate threat of aggression’ from Ukrainian forces Top Ukrainian military officials came under a shelling attack during a tour of the front of the separatist conflict in eastern Ukraine. The officials fled to aContinue reading “Ukraine Officials Come Under Shelling Attack on Eastern Front”

Let’s talk about Ukraine warming up

Super typhoon causes devastation as it rips through Philippines – BBC News

A popular tourist island is among areas left devastated after a powerful typhoon ripped through the southern Philippines, officials say. Super typhoon Rai made landfall on the holiday island of Siargao on Thursday, bringing winds of about 195km/h (120mph) and heavy rainfall. The tropical storm has levelled homes on islands along its path, displacing hundredsContinue reading “Super typhoon causes devastation as it rips through Philippines – BBC News”

Afghanistan: US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians

The US has admitted that a drone strike in Kabul days before its military pullout killed 10 innocent people. A US Central Command investigation found that an aid worker and nine members of his family, including seven children, died in the 29 August strike. The youngest child, Sumaya, was just two years old. The deadlyContinue reading “Afghanistan: US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians”

Let’s talk about the media’s role in foreign policy – Beau of the Fifth Column

Let’s talk about something in American politics that needs to stop now – Beau of the Fifth Column

UK defence secretary suggests US is no longer a superpower

Ben Wallace also contrasts his department’s handling of Afghanistan crisis with Foreign Office response Ben Wallace, Britain’s defence secretary, suggested the US could no longer be considered a superpower in an interview where he also contrasted his department’s handling of the Afghanistan crisis with that of the embattled Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. The pointed comments –Continue reading “UK defence secretary suggests US is no longer a superpower”

Reporting from Kabul airport after US completes exit – Al Jazeera Breakdown

The Taliban says Afghanistan is a “free and sovereign” nation as it hails the exit of US troops after 20 years of occupation, describing their departure as a “historic moment”. Taliban fighters on Tuesday took charge of Kabul’s airport as the last US soldiers flew out of the country. Celebratory gunfire and fireworks lit upContinue reading “Reporting from Kabul airport after US completes exit – Al Jazeera Breakdown”