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How Fascists Are Taking Advantage Of Climate Change – Second Thought

We all understand that climate change is real, it’s here, and that the consequences of our inaction will be disastrous for our species and countless other forms of life around the world. But what happens when those in positions of power see climate change as a means to an end? A way to make trulyContinue reading “How Fascists Are Taking Advantage Of Climate Change – Second Thought”

Let’s talk about Mitch McConnell’s tribute to Malcolm X – Beau of the Fifth Column

Facebook urged to scrap Instagram for children plans

A group of public health advocates from around the world wants Facebook to scrap its plans to launch a version of Instagram for children. A letter from the Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood, signed by 99 groups and individuals, claims the “image-obsessed” platform is dangerous for children’s health and privacy. Plans for an Instagram for under-13sContinue reading “Facebook urged to scrap Instagram for children plans”

Lawmakers call YouTube Kids a ‘wasteland of vapid’ content

A House subcommittee is investigating YouTube Kids, saying the Google-owned video service feeds children inappropriate material in “a wasteland of vapid, consumerist content” so it can serve them ads. The inquiry comes despite Google agreeing to pay $170 million in 2019 to settle allegations that YouTube collected personal data on children without their parents’ consent. In a letterContinue reading “Lawmakers call YouTube Kids a ‘wasteland of vapid’ content”