AT&T wanted another Fox News, and OAN is what it got

OAN has support from AT&T – and is actively pushing other networks to give it similar treatment On October 6, Reuters published the first part of a special report revealing AT&T’s central role in the creation and continued survival of One America News Network.  According to court records reviewed by Reuters, OAN founder Robert Herring Sr. testifiedContinue reading “AT&T wanted another Fox News, and OAN is what it got”

‘A New Low’: Tucker Carlson’s Comparison Of Current COVID Patients Vs. ’80s HIV Patients – MSNBC

Tucker Carlson comparing the treatment of people with COVID-19 today to HIV-positive people in the 1980s is critiqued by Joy Reid in this edition of “The Absolute Worst.”

Russia extends ‘foreign agents’ law to critics of military and security

Legislation now covers citizens who study and report on those agencies and people working within them Russians who study and report on the problems faced by the country’s military, space agency and security services, as well as the millions of people who serve in those agencies, can now be named foreign agents, as Russia expands restrictions onContinue reading “Russia extends ‘foreign agents’ law to critics of military and security”

Matt Gaetz Openly Embraces Racist Right-Wing Theory – MSNBC

“Matt Gaetz appears to be trying to brush away his looming legal troubles by ostentatiously performing the racism that has become so core to the modern Republican base,” says Chris Hayes. 

Let’s talk about Milley undermining Trump – Beau of the Fifth Column

Jan. 6 Video Suggests ‘Russia Insider’ Entered Capitol

Russia Insider founder Charles Bausman breached the walls of the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6, according to research conducted by a Europe-based open-source intelligence (OSINT) group into video captured during the insurrection. The findings by the OSINT group build on Hatewatch reporting showing that Bausman traveled to Washington, D.C., on the day of the insurrection,Continue reading “Jan. 6 Video Suggests ‘Russia Insider’ Entered Capitol”

Let’s talk about our man in Haiti, Daniel Foote – Beau of the Fifth Column

How The United States Ended Up With Two Right-Wing Parties – Second Though

We hear a lot about the Democrats being “the radical left.” Most of us know this obviously isn’t the case, but what many Americans don’t realize is that the Democrats should not be considered left-wing at all. In this episode we’re exploring the ratchet effect and the long rightward shift of the Democratic Party.

Let’s talk about salad dressing and Flynn – Beau of the Fifth Column

Fox News deleted computer data, spied on text messages of employees who claimed sexual harassment, city investigation charged

Fox News staffers who claimed sexual harassment then faced a harassment campaign from their own employer, a previously undisclosed investigation by the city concluded. The conservative network spied on the text messages and deleted computer data of employees who complained about harassing behavior by colleagues and supervisors, according to a complaint by the city CommissionContinue reading “Fox News deleted computer data, spied on text messages of employees who claimed sexual harassment, city investigation charged”

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