Did the USSR have a ‘Blue Scare’? – History Matters

We all know about America’s red scare in the 1950s when everyone and their mom freaked out about Communists secretly plotting to overthrow the government and eat their babies. But did the USSR have anything similar with respect to capitalists. Did the USSR have a blue scare? To find out the answer (it’s no) watchContinue reading “Did the USSR have a ‘Blue Scare’? – History Matters”

Dr. Bernice King: I Think It’s Time For Massive Civil Disobedience, Noncooperation With Evil – MSNBC

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy is remembered by his daughter Dr. Bernice King, who discusses how many leading GOP leaders misrepresent the meaning of the civil rights icon’s message to justify policies that are antithetical to his vision.

Tucker Carlson called Brett Kavanaugh a ‘cringing little liberal’ for upholding vaccine mandates for health workers

Carlson slammed Kavanaugh over the Supreme Court ruling on a health-worker vaccine mandate. Kavanaugh upheld the vaccine mandate for health workers at federally-funded facilities. “Cringing little liberal,” Carlson said Thursday. The Fox News host Tucker Carlson called the Trump-nominated Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh a “cringing little liberal” because he upheld vaccine mandates for healthContinue reading “Tucker Carlson called Brett Kavanaugh a ‘cringing little liberal’ for upholding vaccine mandates for health workers”

Let’s talk about Tucker, the lost and found, and the way it is – Beau of the Fifth Column

Sweden Launches Psychological Defense Agency To Counter Disinformation

Sweden has created a new government agency dedicated to fighting disinformation, particularly from foreign governments such as Russia, China and Iran. The Swedish Psychological Defense Agency, based in Karlsbad and with an office in Solna, will be headed by director general Henrik Landerholm, a former ambassador, and will have 45 staff. It will work withContinue reading “Sweden Launches Psychological Defense Agency To Counter Disinformation”

Fox News host urges ‘kill shot’ against Fauci

Jesse Watters ‘should be fired on the spot,’ president’s medical adviser says Anthony Fauci on Tuesday said that Fox News host Jesse Watters should be fired for using violent language at a conservative conference to encourage attendees to ambush him and “go in for the kill shot.” “I mean, that’s crazy,” Fauci added. “The guyContinue reading “Fox News host urges ‘kill shot’ against Fauci”

Let’s talk about Fox News and grocery stores – Beau of the Fifth Column

Fox News Host Advises Viewers Against Boosters as COVID Rages

“Call me a quack, I don’t care,” Greg Gutfeld said on Fox News Friday afternoon. As the Omicron variant rips through the country and New York City experiences a record surge in COVID-19 cases headed into the holidays, public health officials have one big message for all Americans over 16 years old: Get your booster right now. ButContinue reading “Fox News Host Advises Viewers Against Boosters as COVID Rages”

Let’s talk about Earth’s Black Box – Beau of the Fifth Column

Let’s talk about the important question about the texts – Beau of the Fifth Column

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