Supporters of Taiwan independence will be liable for life, says China

China will make people who support “Taiwan independence” criminally liable for life, a spokeswoman for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office said on Friday, drawing anger from the island amid heightened tension across the sensitive Taiwan Strait. This was the first time that China has spelt out concretely punishment for people deemed to be pro-Taiwan independence, asContinue reading “Supporters of Taiwan independence will be liable for life, says China”

China bans pro-democracy candidates in Macau elections

Move mirrors crackdown in Hong Kong and comes despite pledges the territory would have high levels of autonomy China’s crackdown on pro-democracy politicians in Hong Kong appears to have spread to Macau, where 21 candidates, including veteran legislators, have been disqualified from forthcoming elections. Most of those disqualified have vowed to challenge the ruling byContinue reading “China bans pro-democracy candidates in Macau elections”

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