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Why Are There SO Many Confederate Monuments? – Origin of Everything

Origin of Everything takes a field trip to Washington, D.C. and explores the painful history and legacy of America’s Civil War. Danielle looks at Confederate and Union Civil War monuments and what spurred their construction after the war.

Republicans Say Voting Protections Trample ‘States’ Rights.’ Uh-Oh.

The chilling future implications of a very old argument. The brief Senate debate over voting rights was treated as an anticlimax, chiefly because its bottom-line result — fewer than ten Republican senators, and as it turned out zero, voting to break a filibuster — was never in doubt. But the preordained outcome may have hidden a surprisingContinue reading “Republicans Say Voting Protections Trample ‘States’ Rights.’ Uh-Oh.”

How Southern socialites rewrote Civil War history

The United Daughters of the Confederacy altered the South’s memory of the Civil War. The United Daughters of the Confederacy was a significant leader of the “Lost Cause,” an intellectual movement that revised history to look more favorably on the South after the American Civil War. They were women from elite antebellum families that usedContinue reading “How Southern socialites rewrote Civil War history”