Greece completes border wall extension to deter potential Afghan migrants

Greece said on Friday it had completed a 40-km fence on its border with Turkey and a new surveillance system was in place to stop possible asylum seekers from trying to reach Europe following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. Events in Afghanistan have fuelled fears in the European Union of a repeat of the 2015Continue reading “Greece completes border wall extension to deter potential Afghan migrants”

Russia penetrated Merkel’s ‘inner circle’, Khodorkovsky says

Russia has recruited allies in German chancellor Angela Merkel’s “inner circle” and in Austrian intelligence services, exiled Russian businessman Mikhail Khodorkovsky has warned. But they are just part of a wider pro-Kremlin network in EU states, including the Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, he said. Khodorkovsky made the revelations in aContinue reading “Russia penetrated Merkel’s ‘inner circle’, Khodorkovsky says”

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