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Gravitas: Amid Omicron surge, Deltacron discovered in Cyprus – WION

Cyprus has discovered a new variant called ‘Deltacron’ which is a combination of Delta & Omicron. The global case tally meanwhile has breached the 307 million mark. India alone added 179,000+ cases on Sunday. Palki Sharma gets you a detailed report.

Mumbai monsoon mayhem: Freak bursts of rain sign of climate crisis

Such short bursts of intense rain bear a climate change signature and as these effects become more pronounced, India’s financial capital and the country’s west coast will have to be better prepared, experts said. Mumbai’s Santacruz and Colaba recorded extremely heavy rainfall–23.4 cm and 19.68 cm rain respectively between Saturday and Sunday morning—a span ofContinue reading “Mumbai monsoon mayhem: Freak bursts of rain sign of climate crisis”