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The Roaring 20’s: Crash Course US History #32

In which John Green teaches you about the United States in the 1920s. They were known as the roaring 20s, but not because there were lions running around everywhere. In the 1920s, America’s economy was booming, and all kinds of social changes were in progress. Hollywood, flappers, jazz, there was all kinds of stuff goingContinue reading “The Roaring 20’s: Crash Course US History #32”

Was Gatsby Great? The Great Gatsby Part 2: Crash Course English Literature #5

In which John Green continues to explore F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby. In this installment, John looks into the titular Gatsby’s purported Greatness. Gatsby’s single-minded pursuit of Daisy, his checkered past, and his checkered present all play a role in determining whether he was, in fact, great. Here’s a hint: you don’t haveContinue reading “Was Gatsby Great? The Great Gatsby Part 2: Crash Course English Literature #5”

Like Pale Gold – The Great Gatsby Part 1: Crash Course English Literature #4

In which John Green explores F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the Jazz Age, The Great Gatsby. John introduces you to Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby, Daisy and Tom Buchanan, and the other characters in the novel, and tries to look beyond the surface story to figure out what this thing is ABOUT. Set in the 1920’sContinue reading “Like Pale Gold – The Great Gatsby Part 1: Crash Course English Literature #4”

Petition seeks to honour French Resistance hero Joséphine Baker at the Panthéon

A petition circulating on the internet is pushing for American-born French dancer Joséphine Baker to be buried in the Panthéon, an honour reserved for France’s national heroes. The move would recognise the courage of a renowned artist who was also a feminist, actively resisted Nazi Germany during World War II, and who fought against racism and antisemitism. TheContinue reading “Petition seeks to honour French Resistance hero Joséphine Baker at the Panthéon”

Billie Holiday – Black History Month

Jazz vocalist Billie Holiday was born in 1915 in Philadelphia. Considered one of the best jazz vocalists of all time, Holiday had a thriving career as a jazz singer for many years before she lost her battle with substance abuse. Also known as Lady Day, her autobiography was made into the 1972 film Lady SingsContinue reading “Billie Holiday – Black History Month”

Fletcher Henderson – Black History Month

James Fletcher Hamilton Henderson (December 18, 1897 – December 29, 1952)[1] was an American pianist, bandleader, arranger and composer, important in the development of big bandjazz and swing music. He was one of the most prolific black musical arrangers and, along with Duke Ellington, is considered one of the most influential arrangers and bandleaders in jazz history. Henderson’s influence was vast.Continue reading “Fletcher Henderson – Black History Month”

The Genius of Charlie Parker – Black History Month

Charlie Parker, also known as bird, is a legendary jazz musician who has influenced many of today’s genres and helped develop the genre bebop. Bebop is a subgenre of jazz that is recognized as being difficult to dance to, but Bird said he didn’t care if people danced to his music, because he was anContinue reading “The Genius of Charlie Parker – Black History Month”