Colombia saw 42,600 hectares deforested in Amazon through June this year

Some 42,600 hectares (105,267 acres) of rainforest were destroyed in Colombia’s Amazon across three of the Andean country’s provinces in the first half of 2021, the government said on Tuesday. The figure represents a 34% decrease in deforestation across the provinces of Caqueta, Meta and Guaviare compared with the first half of 2020, when closeContinue reading “Colombia saw 42,600 hectares deforested in Amazon through June this year”

As Colombian protests dissipate, activists hit by wave of arrests

Colombia’s Primera Linea protesters accuse authorities of using arrests, prosecutions to weaken the push for change. Alejandro Gaitan awoke to the sounds of strange voices and heavy boots outside his home in the Colombian city of Armenia, about 280km (173 miles) west of the capital Bogota. Moments later, five police officers burst through the frontContinue reading “As Colombian protests dissipate, activists hit by wave of arrests”

Colombia intensifies crackdown of dissent ahead of protests

Colombia’s increasingly tyrannical government stepped up the intimidation of opponents on baseless claims that guerrillas would seek violence during anti-government protests on Tuesday. The conspiracy theories coincided with the arrest of alleged protesters and the harassment of social organizations that were trying to organize a meeting in Cali over the weekend. Defense Minister Diego Molano said onContinue reading “Colombia intensifies crackdown of dissent ahead of protests”

‘Egregious’ police abuse against Colombian protesters: Report

Demonstrations have been held in Colombia’s capital after protest leaders called on people to “Take Over Bogota”. What started as anger over proposed tax reform has turned into weeks of unrest against inequality. And a new report by Human Rights Watch is criticising the police response, after at least 20 protesters were killed. Al Jazeera’sContinue reading “‘Egregious’ police abuse against Colombian protesters: Report”

Colombia protests: UN calls for investigation into Cali deaths

The UN’s human rights chief has called on Colombia to launch an independent inquiry into the deaths of anti-government protesters in the south-western city of Cali. The city has been the epicentre of protests against President Ivan Duque and 14 people are reported to have died in recent days. Michelle Bachelet said those responsible shouldContinue reading “Colombia protests: UN calls for investigation into Cali deaths”

Colombia deploys military to Cali as protester death toll mounts

Four people die in and around protest-hit Cali as talks to end month-long demonstrations remain stalled. Colombian President Ivan Duque has deployed military troops to the western province of Valle del Cauca and its capital, Cali, after four people died in protests that marked a month of anti-government demonstrations. The four died in and around CaliContinue reading “Colombia deploys military to Cali as protester death toll mounts”

Oil Companies Close The Taps As Fear Of Civil War Grows In Colombia

Key Latin American U.S. ally and the region’s fourth-largest oil producer Colombia finds itself rocked by anti-government protests which are now into their third week. This has even reignited fears of renewed civil war in the strife-torn Andean country. Colombia’s anti-government protests began with a national strike on 28 April 2021 called by various civil society andContinue reading “Oil Companies Close The Taps As Fear Of Civil War Grows In Colombia”

Teenage suicide sparks deadly uprising in southwest Colombia

The suicide of a 17-year-old girl who accused police of sexual abuse sparked an uprising in southwest Colombia that left at least one person dead, 35 injured and the local police jail destroyed. The news of the suicide of the ICT student dropped a bomb on Colombia and turned anti-government protests into a violent uprisingContinue reading “Teenage suicide sparks deadly uprising in southwest Colombia”

Colombia enters third week of anti-government protests

Protesters are calling for end to police violence and more economic support during pandemic, among long list of demands. Anti-government protests have entered their third week in Colombia, as union members, students, pensioners and more took to the streets to protest against recent violence and demand economic assistance in the pandemic-hit country. Thousands of people gathered inContinue reading “Colombia enters third week of anti-government protests”

Almost 380 of Colombia’s anti-government protesters ‘disappeared’ in past week

The missing persons unit of Colombia’s transitional justice system raised the alarm on Thursday that 379 participants in anti-government protests of the past week have gone missing. The Missing Persons Search Unit that is part of a transitional justice system came to the alarmingly high number after cross-referencing the databases of some 26 organizations. TheContinue reading “Almost 380 of Colombia’s anti-government protesters ‘disappeared’ in past week”

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