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Ukraine defies Russian demand to lay down arms in Mariupol

‘Lay down your arms’ before dawn, Russian general said Ukraine replies: ‘No question of surrender’ in Mariupol Hundreds of thousands of civilian trapped under siege Shelling wrecks Kyiv shopping centre, at least eight dead EU begins talks on possible energy embargo against Russia Ukraine defied a Russian demand that its forces lay down arms beforeContinue reading “Ukraine defies Russian demand to lay down arms in Mariupol”

Israeli officials rushing to evacuate citizens from Ukraine as Russia tensions escalate – WION

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is seeking to evacuate as many Israelis as possible from Ukraine amid growing fears of a Russian invasion.

Israel Evicts Palestinians in Flashpoint Area of East Jerusalem

Israelis evicted an extended family and destroyed their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, where attempted evictions last year helped spark a war with Gaza. Israeli police evicted two Palestinian families from their homes on Wednesday to make way for a new school in Sheikh Jarrah, a neighborhood of East Jerusalem where previous attempts toContinue reading “Israel Evicts Palestinians in Flashpoint Area of East Jerusalem”

Gravitas: Amid Omicron surge, Deltacron discovered in Cyprus – WION

Cyprus has discovered a new variant called ‘Deltacron’ which is a combination of Delta & Omicron. The global case tally meanwhile has breached the 307 million mark. India alone added 179,000+ cases on Sunday. Palki Sharma gets you a detailed report.

Polish official fired after calling Holocaust law ‘stupid’

A Polish diplomat charged with improving contacts with Jews worldwide has been fired after he criticized his own government’s approach to regulating Holocaust speech, the Foreign Ministry said Monday. Jaroslaw Nowak, the plenipotentiary for contacts with the Jewish diaspora described a Holocaust speech law passed by his country’s ruling party as “stupid,” in an interviewContinue reading “Polish official fired after calling Holocaust law ‘stupid’”

Polish leader admits country bought powerful Israeli spyware

Poland’s most powerful politician has acknowledged that the country bought advanced spyware from the Israeli surveillance software maker NSO Group, but denied that it was being used to target his political opponents. Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of Poland’s ruling conservative party, Law and Justice, said in an interview that the secret services in many countriesContinue reading “Polish leader admits country bought powerful Israeli spyware”

Gravitas: Omicron: Why India is preparing for a big surge – WION

India has reported its biggest surge since June 2021. The Omicron fuelled surge added 10 million new cases worldwide last week. The UK is restricting testing. Lockdown in China’s Xi’an has led to chaos. Palki Sharma brings you the 10 big developments.

Israel reports first case of ‘flurona’ – rare double infection of Covid and influenza

Doctors say it was diagnosed in young pregnant woman but suspect there are more cases in country Israel has recorded the first case of a rare mixture of two diseases, influenza and coronavirus, dubbed “flurona”. Local reports said that the patient was a young pregnant woman, who was in hospital, although her symptoms were mild. “SheContinue reading “Israel reports first case of ‘flurona’ – rare double infection of Covid and influenza”

Israeli Shot Along Gaza Border, Three Palestinians Wounded in Strikes on Hamas Posts

Civilian doing maintenance work on Israel’s border fence sustains light wounds A man was lightly wounded on Wednesday after shots fired along Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military struck Hamas positions in response, wounding at least three Palestinians.  The Israeli military confirmed the shooting near the northern Strip, adding that it wasContinue reading “Israeli Shot Along Gaza Border, Three Palestinians Wounded in Strikes on Hamas Posts”

Israeli forces demolish a Palestinian home in Hebron – Al Jazeera Newsfeed

“They destroy and we build.” Palestinian women confront Israeli forces as bulldozers demolish their home in Hebron in the occupied West Bank.