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Putin heads to India with eye on military, energy ties – France24

Russian President Vladimir #Putin will arrive in #India on Monday for just his second overseas trip since the pandemic, seeking to bolster military and energy ties with a traditional ally being courted by #Washington. FRANCE 24’s Chief Foreign Editor Rob Parsons tells us more.


India Shifts 50,000 Troops to China Border in Historic Move

India has redirected at least 50,000 additional troops to its border with China in a historic shift toward an offensive military posture against the world’s second-biggest economy. Although the two countries battled in the Himalayas in 1962, India’s strategic focus has primarily been Pakistan since the British left the subcontinent, with the long-time rivals fightingContinue reading “India Shifts 50,000 Troops to China Border in Historic Move”

Nepal facing ‘human catastrophe’ similar to India’s amid Covid surge

Country appeals for international help, with vaccines in short supply and a reported 47% positivity rate Nepal is struggling to contain an explosion in Covid-19 cases, as fears grow that the situation in the Himalayan country may be as bad, if not worse, than in neighbouring India, with which it shares a long and porous border.Continue reading “Nepal facing ‘human catastrophe’ similar to India’s amid Covid surge”