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Taliban takes Afghanistan’s third-largest city in onslaught

The Taliban captured Afghanistan’s third-largest city and a strategic provincial capital near Kabul on Thursday, further squeezing the country’s embattled government just weeks before the end of the American military mission there. The seizure of Herat marks the biggest prize yet for the Taliban, which has taken 11 of Afghanistan’s 34 provincial capitals as partContinue reading “Taliban takes Afghanistan’s third-largest city in onslaught”


Taliban captures three more Afghan provincial capitals in a day

The armed group says its forces are in control of Kunduz, Sar-e-Pol and Taloqan as fighting rages in Afghan cities. The Taliban has captured three more provincial capitals, as they take their fight to the cities after seizing much of the countryside in recent months. The group has seized five provincial capitals in Afghanistan sinceContinue reading “Taliban captures three more Afghan provincial capitals in a day”