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Poland and Lithuania say Ukraine deserves EU candidate status due to ‘current security challenges’

Ukraine deserves European Union candidate status, and Poland and Lithuania will support it in this goal, the presidents of the two countries said in a joint declaration with the Ukrainian president on Wednesday. “We emphasize that, given the significant progress in the implementation of the Association Agreement and internal reforms, as well as the currentContinue reading “Poland and Lithuania say Ukraine deserves EU candidate status due to ‘current security challenges’”

Germany leads NATO operation in Lithuania, sends troops – WION

Germany is leading a NATO operation in Lithuania and has stationed around 500 soldiers there. Also, the German chancellor Olaf Scholz has offered a clarification on why Germany is not supplying weapons to the Ukraine.

Lithuania says Russian troops in Belarus pose “direct threat”

Russian troops arriving in Belarus for what Moscow and Minsk say will be joint military exercises are a direct threat to NATO member Lithuania, and could prompt Washington to station more troops in the region, Lithuania’s defence minister said. Russian military forces and hardware began arriving in ex-Soviet Belarus on Monday for “Allied Resolve” drillsContinue reading “Lithuania says Russian troops in Belarus pose “direct threat””

Gravitas: Tiny Lithuania takes on China – WION

Lithuania is doing what many so-called superpowers have failed to do. They invited Taiwan to open a de-facto embassy in Vilnius and is asking their citizens to dump Chinese phones. Palki Sharma tells you why this Baltic minnow is taking on Beijing.

China looks to send Lithuania to ‘garbage bin of history’, but why? – WION

Tensions between Lithuania and China are Also escalating. Lithuania’s decision to let Taiwan open a representative office in its country some time back seems to have not gone down well with China.

Taiwan Opens Lithuania Representative Office Using Its Own Name

Taipei announced on Thursday it had formally opened a de facto embassy in Lithuania using the name Taiwan, a significant diplomatic departure that defied a pressure campaign by Beijing. China tries to keep Taipei isolated on the world stage and baulks at any official use of the word “Taiwan”, lest it lend a sense ofContinue reading “Taiwan Opens Lithuania Representative Office Using Its Own Name”