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France to send special forces to Guadeloupe after looting, arson – Al Jazeera

France has sent special police officers to its overseas territory of Guadeloupe. There have been nightly disturbances there, alongside a strike to protest against compulsory COVID-19 passes. Al Jazeera’s Nadim Baba has more.

Mass protests against lockdowns and vaccines in Prague, Rome, Amsterdam

Thousands of protesters gathered in Vienna on Saturday after the Austrian government announced a nationwide lockdown to contain the quickly rising coronavirus infections in the country. The far-right opposition Freedom Party was among those who have called for the protest and vowed to combat the new restrictions. Demonstrations against virus measures also took place inContinue reading “Mass protests against lockdowns and vaccines in Prague, Rome, Amsterdam”

French sexual abuse victims denounce police mistreatment

One rape victim was asked by Paris police what she wore that day, and why she didn’t struggle more. Another woman was forced to fondle herself to demonstrate a sexual assault to a skeptical police officer. They are among thousands of French women who have denounced in a new online campaign the shocking response ofContinue reading “French sexual abuse victims denounce police mistreatment”

‘Bold move’ as French Interior Minister joins police protest

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin was both booed and praised Wednesday as he joined a police rally outside the national parliament to demand harsher punishment for those who commit violent attacks on police officers. An estimated 35,000 people, including leaders from across the political spectrum, turned out in Paris – two weeks after the murder of a police officer during a drugsContinue reading “‘Bold move’ as French Interior Minister joins police protest”