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Violence targeting Indigenous people surges 61 percent in Brazil

Land invasions in Brazilian Indigenous territories rose 137 percent last, a rights group reported. Violence against Indigenous people in Brazil surged by more than 60 percent last year, a rights group has said, as land invasions of Indigenous territories increased and the government failed to provide protection. In its annual report, released on Thursday, on violence againstContinue reading “Violence targeting Indigenous people surges 61 percent in Brazil”

Westward Expansion: Crash Course US History #24

In which John Green teaches you about the Wild, Wild, West, which as it turns out, wasn’t as wild as it seemed in the movies. When we think of the western expansion of the United States in the 19th century, we’re conditioned to imagine the loner. The self-reliant, unattached cowpoke roaming the prairie in searchContinue reading “Westward Expansion: Crash Course US History #24”