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France seeks to ban ultra-right group suspected of attacking anti-racists

Interior minister begins legal action to dissolve Zouaves group after brawl at rally for far-right presidential candidate France’s interior minister is seeking to dissolve an “ultra right” group suspected of attacking anti-racism protesters who entered a campaign rally held by the far-right presidential candidate Éric Zemmour. The Zouaves, who support Zemmour’s anti-immigration and anti-Islam ideology, are thought toContinue reading “France seeks to ban ultra-right group suspected of attacking anti-racists”

The Rise of France’s Far Right Youth – VICE

How did Generation Identity go from being the most high-profile and influential far-right groups in Europe, to being de-platformed and banned in their country of origin? Repackaging classic far-right ideas for millennials, Generation Identity consciously eschewed the stereotypical far-right aesthetics and language – binning the bomber jackets and talking about culture instead of race, inContinue reading “The Rise of France’s Far Right Youth – VICE”