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Nigeria labels bandit gangs ‘terrorists’ in bid to stem violence – Al Jazeera

Nigeria’s government has labelled criminal gangs as “terrorist” organisations. The gangs are blamed for mass kidnappings. Earlier this week, soldiers rescued 97 hostages, who were abducted more than two months ago. The classification will lead to harsher penalties. Al Jazeera’s @Fidelis Mbah reports from Abuja, Nigeria.

Los Angeles: Sheriff Villanueva and top aide defy watchdog subpoenas

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva and his second in command on Thursday defied subpoenas requiring them to testify before an oversight commission about ganglike groups of deputies and an investigative unit that has targeted the sheriff’s critics. The snub is the latest ploy in an increasingly hostile power struggle between Villanueva and the Sheriff Civilian OversightContinue reading “Los Angeles: Sheriff Villanueva and top aide defy watchdog subpoenas”