Hong Kong’s Population Shrinks By 89,000 in Just 12 Months

Hong Kong’s population kept falling at a record pace over the past 12 months, as people left the city in the wake of the pandemic and the national security law that curtailed protest and dissent. The city saw an outflow of 89,200 residents in the year that ended in June, leaving its population at aboutContinue reading “Hong Kong’s Population Shrinks By 89,000 in Just 12 Months”

Slave Codes: Crash Course Black American History #4

Slave codes were a method of protecting the investment of white enslavers in the Colonies by restricting the lives of enslaved people in almost every imaginable way. The codes restricted enslaved people’s ability to move around, or engage in commerce that could make them financially independent – they restricted the very opportunities that would allowContinue reading “Slave Codes: Crash Course Black American History #4”

What History Was, Is, and Will Be: Crash Course European History #50

At the end of our journey through modern European history, we’re taking an episode to look back at how the practice of history developed and what the aim and goals and purpose of history have been. We’ll also take time to consider how we should approach history research and writing going forward.

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