‘Everything is on fire’: Siberia hit by unprecedented burning

Locals fear for their health and property as smoke from raging forest fires shrouds an entire region of eastern Russia Every morning and evening for the last few days, shifts of young villagers have headed out into the taiga forest around Teryut with a seemingly impossible task: to quell the raging fires that have burnedContinue reading “‘Everything is on fire’: Siberia hit by unprecedented burning”

Wildfires rage in Russia, Spain and the US amid high temperatures

Forest fires have broken out in Russia’s Chelyabinsk region near Kazakhstan and in north-eastern Siberia. The Ministry of Emergency Situations said it has deployed aircraft and a helicopter to fight the fires, as well as 240 personnel to Chelyabinsk where two large villages have been evacuated. Wildfires are also ravaging northeastern Siberia where temperatures haveContinue reading “Wildfires rage in Russia, Spain and the US amid high temperatures”

Wildfire in Northern Ireland declared a ‘major incident’

Firefighters in Northern Ireland are spending a second day batting fires across difficult terrain on the Mourne Mountains. More than 70 firefighters and 10 fire trucks from across Northern Ireland were involved Saturday in trying to contain the wildfire, while helicopters from both Britain and Ireland are set to join the effort. The wildfire hasContinue reading “Wildfire in Northern Ireland declared a ‘major incident’”

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