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China looks to send Lithuania to ‘garbage bin of history’, but why? – WION

Tensions between Lithuania and China are Also escalating. Lithuania’s decision to let Taiwan open a representative office in its country some time back seems to have not gone down well with China.

US ‘dark money’ groups behind Mississippi abortion case spend millions overseas

Groups behind a Supreme Court test case that threatens the constitutional right to abortion in the US are targeting Europe and Latin America too US conservative groups behind a Supreme Court legal battle that could shape the future of American abortion rights have spent at least $28m around the world between 2016 and 2019 on campaigns against women’s andContinue reading “US ‘dark money’ groups behind Mississippi abortion case spend millions overseas”

Taiwan welcomes first official European Parliament delegation

Taiwan is “very high on the agenda” in the European Union, the grouping’s first official parliamentary delegation to the democratic island said on Wednesday, amid heightened tension between Taipei and Beijing. Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory and has not ruled out taking by force, does not have formal diplomatic ties with anyContinue reading “Taiwan welcomes first official European Parliament delegation”