Armenian troops killed in Azerbaijan border clash

A number of Armenian soldiers have been killed and captured in a flare-up of violence on the border with Azerbaijan. Armenia said some of its troops had been killed and two combat positions had been lost, while Azerbaijan said two of its soldiers were wounded. Azerbaijan made big gains in a six-week war fought lastContinue reading “Armenian troops killed in Azerbaijan border clash”

Poland-Belarus: Putin behind migrant crisis at border, says Polish PM Morawiecki

Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has accused the Russian President Vladimir Putin of orchestrating the migration crisis on the country’s border with Belarus. “(Belarusian leader) Lukashenko is the executor of the latest assault, but this assault has a sponsor who is to be found in Moscow, and this sponsor is President Putin,” Morawiecki said duringContinue reading “Poland-Belarus: Putin behind migrant crisis at border, says Polish PM Morawiecki”

EU leaders debate migration amid Belarus ‘state-sponsored smuggling’ – DW News

European Union leaders have spent the last two days tackling a list of mounting challenges. An uptick in migrants crossing into the EU from non-member Belarus has sparked heated debate. Some leaders want to build more walls to control migration. Others are hoping for diplomatic solutions. The situation is serious, Poland has ramped up borderContinue reading “EU leaders debate migration amid Belarus ‘state-sponsored smuggling’ – DW News”

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