Let’s talk about the USS Pueblo, Ukraine, and the Cold War – Beau of the Fifth Column

U.S. Navy engineer, wife charged with selling submarine secrets

A U.S. Navy nuclear engineer and his wife have been charged with selling secret information about nuclear submarines to an undercover FBI agent who posed as an operative for a foreign country, the Justice Department said on Sunday. Jonathan Toebbe and his wife, Diana, were arrested on Saturday in West Virginia and charged with violatingContinue reading “U.S. Navy engineer, wife charged with selling submarine secrets”

Hungarians protest planned Chinese university in Budapest

Thousands took to the streets in opposition to the expensive project as soaring debt to China and Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s overly friendly attitude toward Beijing anger many. An estimated 10,000 Hungarians took to the streets of Budapest on Saturday to protest the planned construction of an elite Chinese university campus on a massive plot of derelictContinue reading “Hungarians protest planned Chinese university in Budapest”

Question for Denmark: Why could the US allegedly eavesdrop?

Several European nations want Denmark to explain why its foreign secret service allegedly helped the United States spy on European leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, more than seven years ago. “We want the cards on the table,’ said Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hulqvist, adding it was “unacceptable to eavesdrop on allies.” Danish lawmaker KarstenContinue reading “Question for Denmark: Why could the US allegedly eavesdrop?”

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