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New oilfield in African wilderness threatens lives of 130,000 elephants

Exploratory project in Botswana and Namibia is threat to ecosystems, local communities and wildlife, conservationists say Tens of thousands of African elephants are under threat from plans for a massive new oilfield in one of the continent’s last great wildernesses, experts have warned. Campaigners and conservationists fear the proposed oilfield stretching across Namibia and Botswana would devastateContinue reading “New oilfield in African wilderness threatens lives of 130,000 elephants”


Bolivia probes deaths of 35 endangered condors

Bolivian environmental authorities on Sunday announced an investigation into the apparent poisoning of 35 Andean condors in a rural community, one of the most devastating such cases for the endangered species. “It is an irreparable injury to our nature and the species,” the environment and water ministry said. Deputy environment minister Magin Herrera confirmed 35Continue reading “Bolivia probes deaths of 35 endangered condors”