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Colombia intensifies crackdown of dissent ahead of protests

Colombia’s increasingly tyrannical government stepped up the intimidation of opponents on baseless claims that guerrillas would seek violence during anti-government protests on Tuesday. The conspiracy theories coincided with the arrest of alleged protesters and the harassment of social organizations that were trying to organize a meeting in Cali over the weekend. Defense Minister Diego Molano said onContinue reading “Colombia intensifies crackdown of dissent ahead of protests”


Russian mercenaries accused of atrocities in the Central African Republic

CNN has uncovered disturbing evidence of human rights atrocities by Russian mercenaries in the Central African Republic. CNN’s Clarissa Ward and her team were denied entry to the country because of CNN’s previous reporting on the activities of the mercenaries. But working with local journalists and an independent investigative group The Sentry, CNN has assembledContinue reading “Russian mercenaries accused of atrocities in the Central African Republic”

Hundreds Are Going Missing Following Uganda’s Election

After an unsuccessful bid to become Uganda’s next president, Bobi Wine and his supporters continue to be persecuted by a government they accuse of abductions and torture.

Almost 380 of Colombia’s anti-government protesters ‘disappeared’ in past week

The missing persons unit of Colombia’s transitional justice system raised the alarm on Thursday that 379 participants in anti-government protests of the past week have gone missing. The Missing Persons Search Unit that is part of a transitional justice system came to the alarmingly high number after cross-referencing the databases of some 26 organizations. TheContinue reading “Almost 380 of Colombia’s anti-government protesters ‘disappeared’ in past week”

Myanmar’s military disappearing young men to crush uprising

Myanmar’s security forces moved in and the street lamps went black. In house after house, people shut off their lights. Darkness swallowed the block. Huddled inside her home  in this neighborhood of Yangon, 19-year-old Shwe dared to peek out her window into the inky night. A flashlight shone back, and a man’s voice ordered her not to look.Continue reading “Myanmar’s military disappearing young men to crush uprising”