Stochastic Terrorism and Violent Rhetoric, Unpredictability of Shooters – David Pakman Show

The stochastic terrorism concept outlines the dangers of claiming there is no consequence to violent rhetoric, and outlines the convenient shield that is produced through the unpredictability of influence through the mass media.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s New Ad is Fascist Propaganda 101 – David Pakman

Radical Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene publishes fascist propaganda as her 2022 campaign ad

Trump Announces Return to Presidency in Deranged Video – David Pakman

Donald Trump announces that he will be back in the White House “sooner than people think” in a bizarre new fundraising video for Republicans

Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson suddenly pretends that the January 6 Trump riots are too confusing to know what really happened, but he’s sure it has something to do with Black Lives Matter

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