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Gravitas: Amid Omicron surge, Deltacron discovered in Cyprus – WION

Cyprus has discovered a new variant called ‘Deltacron’ which is a combination of Delta & Omicron. The global case tally meanwhile has breached the 307 million mark. India alone added 179,000+ cases on Sunday. Palki Sharma gets you a detailed report.

In democracy’s birthplace, pope warns of populist threats

Pope Francis warned Saturday that the “easy answers” of populism and authoritarianism are threatening democracy in Europe and called for fresh dedication to promoting the common good. Arriving in Greece, the birthplace of democracy, Francis used a speech to Greek political and cultural leaders to warn Europe at large about the threats facing the continent.Continue reading “In democracy’s birthplace, pope warns of populist threats”

Cyprus’ top diplomat: Turkey is creating new Ottoman empire

The foreign minister of the divided island of Cyprus is accusing Turkey’s president of attempting to promote a new Ottoman empire in the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East — and says such an approach to geopolitics could adversely impact regional security. Nikos Christodoulides, whose Mediterranean island nation is divided into a breakaway Turkish CypriotContinue reading “Cyprus’ top diplomat: Turkey is creating new Ottoman empire”

Four killed in Cyprus as ‘most destructive’ forest fire rages

Hundreds of firefighters and several firefighting planes deployed as fire rages for a second day in Troodos mountains. Four people have been found dead as a huge fire raged for a second day in Cyprus, razing tracts of forest in a blaze one official called the worst on record. The blaze, fanned by strong winds,Continue reading “Four killed in Cyprus as ‘most destructive’ forest fire rages”

Russia penetrated Merkel’s ‘inner circle’, Khodorkovsky says

Russia has recruited allies in German chancellor Angela Merkel’s “inner circle” and in Austrian intelligence services, exiled Russian businessman Mikhail Khodorkovsky has warned. But they are just part of a wider pro-Kremlin network in EU states, including the Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, he said. Khodorkovsky made the revelations in aContinue reading “Russia penetrated Merkel’s ‘inner circle’, Khodorkovsky says”