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Let’s talk about planting trees and building community – Beau of the Fifth Column

Do the Police Actually Keep Us Safe? – VICE News

On this episode of Do Your Research, we take a deep look into the reality of policing.

Let’s talk about Russian oil and American costs – Beau of the Fifth Column

Why does Belarus Exist? – History Matters

How Feel Good Stories Let A Broken System Off The Hook – Second Thought

We’ve all seen those “heartwarming” stories about kids with cancer selling lemonade to pay for their chemo, or janitors being gifted a car because they’ve walked ten miles to work every day for twenty years, or all the other sugar-coated dystopian failures of our capitalist system. In this episode, we’re going to talk about that.Continue reading “How Feel Good Stories Let A Broken System Off The Hook – Second Thought”

Gravitas: Omicron: Why India is preparing for a big surge – WION

India has reported its biggest surge since June 2021. The Omicron fuelled surge added 10 million new cases worldwide last week. The UK is restricting testing. Lockdown in China’s Xi’an has led to chaos. Palki Sharma brings you the 10 big developments.

China: Highest number of daily COVID cases since Wuhan outbreak – DW News

China has recorded its fourth rise in new coronavirus cases in a row. That’s despite some 13 million people already under lockdown in the country’s Shaanxi province. The spike in cases there has produced China’s highest infection rates since the pandemic’s very first outbreak in Wuhan.

Let’s talk about when nobody else is following Rule 303 – Beau of the Fifth Column

Let’s talk about the Newsweek article and Trump – Beau of the Fifth Column

Super typhoon causes devastation as it rips through Philippines – BBC News

A popular tourist island is among areas left devastated after a powerful typhoon ripped through the southern Philippines, officials say. Super typhoon Rai made landfall on the holiday island of Siargao on Thursday, bringing winds of about 195km/h (120mph) and heavy rainfall. The tropical storm has levelled homes on islands along its path, displacing hundredsContinue reading “Super typhoon causes devastation as it rips through Philippines – BBC News”