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Let’s talk about Mariupol – Beau of the Fifth Column

Texas GOP House candidate says young people become ‘radical, leftist, hating-America atheists’ with no skills when they graduate college

A Republican candidate running for Congress said college graduates become “radical, leftist, hating-America atheists.” The comments came from candidate Christian Collins, who is running for Texas’ 8th Congressional district. Collins has been endorsed by Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, and Rep. Madison Cawthorn. A Republican House candidate on Sunday called college students graduatesContinue reading “Texas GOP House candidate says young people become ‘radical, leftist, hating-America atheists’ with no skills when they graduate college”

Let’s talk about Mitch McConnell’s tribute to Malcolm X – Beau of the Fifth Column

Indian police arrest seven for ‘celebrating’ Pakistan cricket win

Young Muslims face charges including ‘promoting enmity’ after match at T20 World Cup in Dubai Indian police have arrested seven Muslim youths for allegedly celebrating Pakistan’s victory over India in a cricket match on Sunday. Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister, Yogi Adityanath, a senior Bharatiya Janata party figure, said in a tweet that the three may be chargedContinue reading “Indian police arrest seven for ‘celebrating’ Pakistan cricket win”

French sexual abuse victims denounce police mistreatment

One rape victim was asked by Paris police what she wore that day, and why she didn’t struggle more. Another woman was forced to fondle herself to demonstrate a sexual assault to a skeptical police officer. They are among thousands of French women who have denounced in a new online campaign the shocking response ofContinue reading “French sexual abuse victims denounce police mistreatment”

On Being Truly Educated – Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky is an eminent American theoretical linguist, cognitive scientist and philosopher, who radically changed the arena of linguistics by assuming language as a uniquely human, biologically based cognitive capacity. He suggested that innate traits in the human brain give birth to both language and grammar. The most important figure in “cognitive revolution” and “analyticContinue reading “On Being Truly Educated – Noam Chomsky”

At least 6 killed in mass shooting on Russian university campus

A gunman opened fire on a Russian university campus on Monday killing at least six people, investigators said, in the country’s second mass shooting this year to target students. Videos circulating on social media showed people throwing belongings from windows of university buildings in the central city of Perm before jumping to flee the shooter.Continue reading “At least 6 killed in mass shooting on Russian university campus”

US rightwing group targets academics with Professor Watchlist

Turning Point USA’s list gains fresh attention after it expands and some notice it disproportionately names academics of color Kellie Carter Jackson, an associate professor of Africana studies at Wellesley College, had never received hate mail before. Then, in June 2020, she wrote an article about the George Floyd protests, addressing the role of riotsContinue reading “US rightwing group targets academics with Professor Watchlist”