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VIDEO: American Psychosis – Chris Hedges on the US empire of narcissism and psychopathy

Directed by Amanda Zackem

Chris Hedges – Christian Fundamentalists = American Fascists

Christian fascism denotes the intersection between fascism and Christianity and it also encompasses the fascistic, totalitarian, and imperialistic aspects of the Christian church. It is sometimes referred to as “Christofascism”, a neologism coined by liberation theologist Dorothee Sölle in 1970. Chris Hedges and David Neiwert contend that the origins of American Christofascism date back to the Great Depression, when Americans first espoused forms of fascism that were “explicitly ‘Christian’ in nature”.[11]:88 HedgesContinue reading “Chris Hedges – Christian Fundamentalists = American Fascists”

Chris Hedges and Cornel West in Conversation – Wages of Rebellion | The New School

Sponsored by The Nation Institute and The New School (​), Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and acclaimed author Chris Hedges sits down for a one-to-one interview with public intellectual, academic and activist Cornel West. We are riding the crest of a revolutionary epic: from the historic referendum against austerity in Greece to #BlackLivesMatter​ and the Fight forContinue reading “Chris Hedges and Cornel West in Conversation – Wages of Rebellion | The New School”