Report: Charlottesville Defendant Watched Tucker Carlson To Prep For Trial – MSNBC

To prepare to represent himself in court, one of the Charlottesville defendants watched Tucker Carlson with white supremacists in prison, according to Buzzfeed News. In his opening statement, he quoted Hitler’s, “Mein Kampf,” and then later used the N-word. 

Why Are There SO Many Confederate Monuments? – Origin of Everything

Origin of Everything takes a field trip to Washington, D.C. and explores the painful history and legacy of America’s Civil War. Danielle looks at Confederate and Union Civil War monuments and what spurred their construction after the war.

Why We Must Never Forget Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer – NowThis

‘Heather had no idea how much her small act of walking with her friends that day would make on the world.’ Heather Heyer’s tragic death inspired a wave of unity and love that spread beyond Charlottesville. The Unite the Right rally occurred in the Virginia town on August 11 and 12 in 2017. It includedContinue reading “Why We Must Never Forget Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer – NowThis”

Matt Gaetz Openly Embraces Racist Right-Wing Theory – MSNBC

“Matt Gaetz appears to be trying to brush away his looming legal troubles by ostentatiously performing the racism that has become so core to the modern Republican base,” says Chris Hayes. 

Census data reveals the real reason why the GOP is ramping up its war on democracy

Trump’s war on democracy is all about white supremacy Donald Trump, who never met a fact or figure he didn’t want to distort, desperately wanted to prevent the Census Bureau from getting an accurate count of the people living in America. So his administration pursued “policies that suppress the count among hard-to-count communities — including immigrants,Continue reading “Census data reveals the real reason why the GOP is ramping up its war on democracy”

Charlottesville to remove statue of Robert E Lee at centre of fatal clashes at 2017 white supremacist rally

There’s no word yet on what will replace the statues being removed The city of Charlottesville, Virginia, plans to take down a statue of Confederate general Robert E Lee this weekend, a long-controversial monument that became the centre of the infamous 2017 “Unite the Right” white supremacist and neo-Nazi rally. At the rally, far-right groupsContinue reading “Charlottesville to remove statue of Robert E Lee at centre of fatal clashes at 2017 white supremacist rally”

Revealed: neo-Confederate group includes military officers and politicians

Leaked data shows other high-profile members have overlapping membership in more explicitly racist or violent groups Leaked membership data from the neo-Confederate Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) organization has revealed that the organization’s members include serving military officers, elected officials, public employees, and a national security expert whose CV boasts of “Department of Defense SecretContinue reading “Revealed: neo-Confederate group includes military officers and politicians”

High court: Charlottesville can remove Confederate statues

Virginia’s highest court ruled Thursday that the city of Charlottesville can take down two statues of Confederate generals, including one of Robert E. Lee that became the focus of a violent white nationalist rally in 2017. The state Supreme Court overturned a Circuit Court decision in favor of a group of residents who sued to block theContinue reading “High court: Charlottesville can remove Confederate statues”

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