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Russia Ukraine conflict: Massive Russian convoy advances on Kyiv – Channel 4 News

A huge convoy of Russian armoured vehicles is advancing on Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv – as a massive Russian strike hits Ukraine’s second city Kharkiv. President Zelenskiy has called the attacks on Kharkiv “state terrorism” while Boris Johnson has accused Russia of “barbaric and indiscriminate” attacks.

Covid: Inside an ICU as UK cases hit new record high – Channel 4

The surge in Omicron has already pushed Covid infections to their highest on record and that is just the cases we know about.

Anti-vaccine protesters occupy ITV and Channel 4 News headquarters – video

Anti-vaccine protesters occupied the headquarters of ITV News and Channel 4 News in London on Monday afternoon, in the latest of a series of actions targeting the media. After marching from King’s Cross station to ITN’s headquarters on Gray’s Inn Road, protesters were met by two uniformed police officers guarding the building’s revolving doors. However, they wereContinue reading “Anti-vaccine protesters occupy ITV and Channel 4 News headquarters – video”