Revisiting One of the Greatest Protests in Oscars History

The Oscars are typically a night filled with glitz and glamour, but sometimes a star will use their time in the spotlight to make impactful political statements. On the main stage, Leonardo DiCaprio has addressed climate change, Patricia Arquette the ongoing issue of equal pay, and Spike Lee the importance of voting, among other moments. And with millions tuning in toContinue reading “Revisiting One of the Greatest Protests in Oscars History”

Myanmar forces arrest comedian, break up doctors’ protest

Authorities in Myanmar arrested the country’s best-known comedian on Tuesday as they continue to crack down on people they accuse of helping incite nationwide protests against February’s military coup. The comedian Zarganar was taken from his home in Yangon by police and soldiers who arrived in two army vehicles, fellow comedian Ngepyawkyaw said on hisContinue reading “Myanmar forces arrest comedian, break up doctors’ protest”

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