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Senior U.S. military officials arrive in Poland – CBS News

Senior U.S. military officials arrived in Poland on Saturday amid Russia’s buildup of troops along Ukraine’s border. Meanwhile, American troops are also in Germany and heading to the region to support NATO allies. CBS News correspondent Christina Ruffini reports from the White House and CBS News intelligence and national security reporter Olivia Gazis joins CBSContinue reading “Senior U.S. military officials arrive in Poland – CBS News”

Dr. King on Face the Nation – CBS News

MLK discusses marching against the Senate filibuster, segregation, and voting rights in 1964. Interesting Note: This takes place during Lee Atwater’s “Southern Strategy” shifting of the GOP, and is discussed towards the end of this video. #MLKDay

Chinese real estate developer Evergrande defaults on debt – CBS News

The fate of one of China’s largest real estate developers is in limbo after a major credit rating firm says Evergrande defaulted on major bond debts. CBS News contributor and the founder of Strategy Risks Isaac Stone Fish, break downs Evergrande’s situation and explains how the company got there.

GOP’s Congressional Redistricting Plan Under Attack For What It Does In Western Pennsylvania – CBS Pittsburgh

House Republicans on the state House Government Committee released their proposed congressional redistricting map. Democrats immediately denounced the plan, especially for what it does in this part of the state; KDKA’s Jon Delano reports.

U.S. Supreme Court hearing arguments in Texas abortion case – CBS News

The Supreme Court heard arguments on the strictest abortion law in the country. The Texas measure bans most abortions and allows people to sue others who break the law, but the issue the court will decide on later isn’t whether the law is constitutional. CBS News legal contributor Jessica Levinson spoke with Anne-Marie Green andContinue reading “U.S. Supreme Court hearing arguments in Texas abortion case – CBS News”

CBS host confronts Israel’s Netanyahu: Are you killing Palestinians as a plot ‘to stay in power’?

CBS host John Dickerson on Sunday pressed Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about his motivations for using disproportional force to kill Palestinian people, including civilians and children. “You are under investigation for bribery, fraud, breach of trust,” Dickerson noted. “You’ve also had some difficult — four failed attempts to put together a government in theContinue reading “CBS host confronts Israel’s Netanyahu: Are you killing Palestinians as a plot ‘to stay in power’?”