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France to send special forces to Guadeloupe after looting, arson – Al Jazeera

France has sent special police officers to its overseas territory of Guadeloupe. There have been nightly disturbances there, alongside a strike to protest against compulsory COVID-19 passes. Al Jazeera’s Nadim Baba has more.

European Union-style bloc pitched for Latin America, Caribbean

Latin American and Caribbean nations should aspire to a bloc like the European Union, Mexico’s president and other leaders said at a summit on Saturday, in a bid to wrest influence away from the Washington-based Organization of American States (OAS). For years, a few of the region’s leftist standard-bearers who attended the gathering of theContinue reading “European Union-style bloc pitched for Latin America, Caribbean”

Gulf of Mexico’s ‘dead zone’ larger than average this year

This year’s Gulf of Mexico “dead zone” — an area where there’s too little oxygen to support marine life — is larger than average, according to researchers. Scientists supported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration determined that the area off Louisiana and Texas’ coasts covers about 6,334 square miles (16,405 square kilometers), the agencyContinue reading “Gulf of Mexico’s ‘dead zone’ larger than average this year”

Boris Johnson being investigated over luxury £15,000 Caribbean holiday

Parliamentary commissioner for standards reveals probe – with powers that can lead to suspensions of MPs for serious breaches Boris Johnson is being investigated for a possible breach of Commons rules over a luxury £15,000 Christmas holiday in the Caribbean. The parliamentary commissioner for standards has powers that can trigger suspensions of MPs – or even byelectionsContinue reading “Boris Johnson being investigated over luxury £15,000 Caribbean holiday”