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Zelensky accuses Russia of using phosphorus bombs

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russia on Thursday of using phosphorus bombs, which are restricted but not entirely banned under international conventions.  “This morning we had phosphorus bombs from Russia, people were killed, children were killed,” Zelensky told NATO leaders meeting in Brussels for an emergency summit regarding the war, NBC News reported. White phosphorus ignites on contact with air. ItContinue reading “Zelensky accuses Russia of using phosphorus bombs”

Ukraine talks: NATO head says differences with Russia will be hard to bridge – FRANCE 24 English

The differences between Russia and NATO over Ukraine will be difficult to bridge, the head of the Atlantic alliance said on Wednesday after four hours of talks. FRANCE 24’s Pierre Benazet tells us more.

‘Say no to Putin’: Ukrainians support protests in Kazakhstan

Demonstrators in Kyiv and Kharkov fly the blue and gold flag of Kazakhstan, where Russian troops have been sent to quell riots. With their country’s fate being discussed at this week’s US-Russia talks, Ukrainians took to the streets over the weekend to defend their independence and champion an additional cause – that of Kazakhstan’s protests. On Sunday,Continue reading “‘Say no to Putin’: Ukrainians support protests in Kazakhstan”

Gravitas: Tiny Lithuania takes on China – WION

Lithuania is doing what many so-called superpowers have failed to do. They invited Taiwan to open a de-facto embassy in Vilnius and is asking their citizens to dump Chinese phones. Palki Sharma tells you why this Baltic minnow is taking on Beijing.

Mass protests against Covid restrictions in European cities – BBC News

The Belgian capital Brussels is the latest European city to see mass protests and unrest over tighter coronavirus restrictions. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets, some throwing fireworks and missiles at police who responded with tear gas and water canon. Belgium has brought in new measures in response to a sharp riseContinue reading “Mass protests against Covid restrictions in European cities – BBC News”

Poland-Belarus: Putin behind migrant crisis at border, says Polish PM Morawiecki

Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has accused the Russian President Vladimir Putin of orchestrating the migration crisis on the country’s border with Belarus. “(Belarusian leader) Lukashenko is the executor of the latest assault, but this assault has a sponsor who is to be found in Moscow, and this sponsor is President Putin,” Morawiecki said duringContinue reading “Poland-Belarus: Putin behind migrant crisis at border, says Polish PM Morawiecki”

Taiwan welcomes first official European Parliament delegation

Taiwan is “very high on the agenda” in the European Union, the grouping’s first official parliamentary delegation to the democratic island said on Wednesday, amid heightened tension between Taipei and Beijing. Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory and has not ruled out taking by force, does not have formal diplomatic ties with anyContinue reading “Taiwan welcomes first official European Parliament delegation”

EU court fines Poland 1 million euros a day for judiciary row – DW News

In breaking news from Brussels, the European Union’s top court has ordered Poland to pay one million euros a day over a legal dispute with the bloc. The European Court of Justice says Warsaw failed to heed an earlier EU ruling that demanded changes to some of Poland’s judicial reforms. The EU decision in JulyContinue reading “EU court fines Poland 1 million euros a day for judiciary row – DW News”

EU leaders debate migration amid Belarus ‘state-sponsored smuggling’ – DW News

European Union leaders have spent the last two days tackling a list of mounting challenges. An uptick in migrants crossing into the EU from non-member Belarus has sparked heated debate. Some leaders want to build more walls to control migration. Others are hoping for diplomatic solutions. The situation is serious, Poland has ramped up borderContinue reading “EU leaders debate migration amid Belarus ‘state-sponsored smuggling’ – DW News”

Poland comes under fire over challenge to primacy of EU law

Polish prime minister warns of EU mission creep Von der Leyen: Poland poses ‘direct challenge to EU legal order’ Three options: legal, financial, suspending voting rights EU justice commissioner says bloc to act within weeks Poland’s prime minister came under repeated criticism during a tense debate in the European Parliament on Tuesday, with the EU’sContinue reading “Poland comes under fire over challenge to primacy of EU law”