Nazi Flag Flown Near Synagogue in Australia Sparks Calls to Ban Symbol

The incident came only weeks after Australia announced that it was adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s working definition of antisemitism Police were called after a swastika flag was suspended from a window in a residential building near a synagogue in the eastern Australian city of Brisbane on Saturday, sparking harsh condemnations from local politiciansContinue reading “Nazi Flag Flown Near Synagogue in Australia Sparks Calls to Ban Symbol”

Covid: Australian police clash with anti-lockdown protesters

Police in the Australian cities of Melbourne and Sydney have clashed with thousands of people protesting against Covid lockdowns. In Melbourne, mounted officers used pepper spray when elements of a 4,000-strong rally broke through police lines. Police arrested 218 people, and at least seven officers were injured. In Sydney, where lockdown measures have been extendedContinue reading “Covid: Australian police clash with anti-lockdown protesters”

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