UK bill ‘limiting’ right to protest sparks outrage – DW News

People have been rallying in cities across the UK to protest against a new bill they say is an attack on the right to demonstrate. The controversial ‘police and crime bill’ would grant police greater powers to crack down on disruptive protests, but critics say it will also make it more difficult to hold peacefulContinue reading “UK bill ‘limiting’ right to protest sparks outrage – DW News”

Gravitas: Omicron Surge: Troops deployed to London hospitals – WION

The British Armed Forces have sent 200 personnel into NHS hospitals across London to plug staff shortages. Last week, 9.5 million people worldwide tested positive for the Wuhan virus. Palki Sharma brings you a report.

Gravitas: Omicron: Why India is preparing for a big surge – WION

India has reported its biggest surge since June 2021. The Omicron fuelled surge added 10 million new cases worldwide last week. The UK is restricting testing. Lockdown in China’s Xi’an has led to chaos. Palki Sharma brings you the 10 big developments.

Minister rejects calls to reduce self-isolation to five days in England

No plans to change current seven-day period to ease NHS staff shortages, says Chloe Smith Calls for a reduction in England’s Covid self-isolation period from seven days to five in order to ease NHS staff shortages have been dismissed by a government minister. Chloe Smith, the minister for disabled people, health and work, said theContinue reading “Minister rejects calls to reduce self-isolation to five days in England”

Omicron drives record cases in Europe, France reports 180,000 cases – WION

As covid-19 cases are now wreaking havoc across the European continent in particular France, Britain, Greece and Portugal have all reported record daily case numbers. France for one has reported a record high of almost 180,000 confirmed covert cases in the last 24-hour period.

UK troops will not be deployed to Ukraine to defend against Russia

Britain and its allies are “highly unlikely” to send troops to defend Ukraine if Russia invades the country, the UK’s defence secretary has said. “We shouldn’t kid people we would,” Ben Wallace told the Spectator magazine. “The Ukrainians are aware of that.” Russia has moved thousands of troops near Ukraine’s eastern borders, leading Western powersContinue reading “UK troops will not be deployed to Ukraine to defend against Russia”

COVID-19: France to restrict travel from UK over Omicron worries – Global News

As Omicron cases rapidly rise in Europe, multiple countries are taking measures to limit the spread of the highly-contagious variant. In France, starting Saturday, only French citizens and residents can freely travel to the country from the United Kingdom. This is especially as Britain faces a rapid surge of the virus – reporting over 88,300Continue reading “COVID-19: France to restrict travel from UK over Omicron worries – Global News”

UK confirms 78,610 daily COVID-19 cases, highest figure since start of pandemic – WION

On Wednesday, the United Kingdom (UK) recorded the highest number of daily COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic, with 78,610 new cases largely due to the Omicron variant spread.

Russia threatens to deploy nuclear missiles in Europe amid tensions in Ukraine – WION

Russia said it may be forced to deploy intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Europe in response to what it believes as NATO’s plans to do the same.

State of the pandemic within Europe primarily determined by vaccination rates – DW News

Vaccination rates are very unequal around the world. There are also big differences within Europe and the European Union. Leading the pack is Portugal, where 88 percent of the total population is fully vaccinated. Spain is also doing well, at 80 percent. In Germany, just 69 percent of the population is fully vaccinated – aContinue reading “State of the pandemic within Europe primarily determined by vaccination rates – DW News”

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