Spyware ‘found on phones of five French cabinet members’

Mediapart claims indicate that devices were targeted by NSO’s Pegasus spyware Traces of Pegasus spyware were found on the mobile phones of at least five current French cabinet ministers, the investigative website Mediapart has reported, citing multiple anonymous sources and a confidential intelligence dossier. The allegation comes two months after the Pegasus Project, a media consortium thatContinue reading “Spyware ‘found on phones of five French cabinet members’”

Hezbollah launches rocket fire in response to Israeli air raids

Hezbollah claims responsibility for rocket fire a day after Israeli air raids amid an escalation of cross-border hostilities. The Lebanese group, Hezbollah, has said it fired rockets at open ground near Israeli positions in response to Israeli air raids on southern Lebanon, drawing retaliatory Israeli strikes. In a statement on Friday, Hezbollah said it hadContinue reading “Hezbollah launches rocket fire in response to Israeli air raids”

Israel looks to renew law that keeps out Palestinian spouses

Israel’s parliament is set to vote Monday on whether to renew a temporary law first enacted in 2003 that bars Arab citizens of Israel from extending citizenship or even residency to spouses from the occupied West Bank and Gaza. Critics, including many left-wing and Arab lawmakers, say it’s a racist measure aimed at restricting theContinue reading “Israel looks to renew law that keeps out Palestinian spouses”

Israel intensifies attacks in Gaza as conflict enters fifth day

Israel has intensified its assault on Gaza, as Palestinian militants continue to fire rockets into Israel on the fifth day of hostilities. Israel’s military said air and ground forces were involved in attacks on Friday but had not entered Gaza. Meanwhile, clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli security forces spread across much of the occupiedContinue reading “Israel intensifies attacks in Gaza as conflict enters fifth day”

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