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Let’s talk about No-fly zones and other options – Beau of the Fifth Column

Australia: Labor senator Kimberley Kitching names billionaire Chau Chak Wing as ‘puppeteer’ in foreign interference plot

A federal senator has used parliamentary privilege to suggest a prominent Chinese-Australian political donor is the mysterious “puppeteer” behind a thwarted foreign interference plot to back political candidates in the next election. During a Senate estimates hearing, Labor senator Kimberley Kitching alleged the wealthy businessman behind the recent overseas conspiracy was property developer Chau Chak Wing.Continue reading “Australia: Labor senator Kimberley Kitching names billionaire Chau Chak Wing as ‘puppeteer’ in foreign interference plot”

China joins Russia in opposing Nato expansion

China has joined Russia in opposing further Nato expansion as the two countries move closer together in the face of Western pressure. Moscow and Beijing issued a statement showcasing their agreement on a raft of issues during a visit by Russia’s Vladimir Putin for the Winter Olympics. Mr Putin claims Western powers are using theContinue reading “China joins Russia in opposing Nato expansion”

‘Code red’: Melbourne businesses say Omicron wave more damaging than lockdown

Staff shortages and drop in consumer confidence leave Australian businesses asking for urgent government support Hash Tayeh has been back behind the counter at the burger chain he founded, Burgertory, for the first time in three years as he struggles to keep the business going in the face of the Omicron wave. He has beenContinue reading “‘Code red’: Melbourne businesses say Omicron wave more damaging than lockdown”

COVID News: Australia witnesses massive spike, surge fueled by Omicron variant – WION

Omicron cases continue to spread virtually as a wildfire. Australia has now said that it has surpassed the grim milestone of a million Covid-19 infections with more than half of them having been recorded in the past week.

Australia, Japan to sign ‘historic’ defense, security pact

Australia and Japan will sign a treaty on Thursday to increase defense and security cooperation in a move that has been hailed as “historic” but which might anger China. Prime ministers Scott Morrison of Australia and Fumio Kishida of Japan will meet in a virtual summit to sign the agreement, which Morrison said “will underpinContinue reading “Australia, Japan to sign ‘historic’ defense, security pact”

W.H.O. warns Omicron ‘storm’ is coming to Europe – CityNews

More restrictions are coming to more countries as Omicron tightens its grip on Europe. Melissa Duggan on preparations for a second pandemic Christmas.

What are the Patterns of Border Conflicts? Crash Course Geography #37

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at borders and the stories they tell. When we look at a map, the shapes we’re seeing can seem so permanent, but a map is just a snapshot of the Earth at a particular time, and by looking a countries shape (and how it has changed acrossContinue reading “What are the Patterns of Border Conflicts? Crash Course Geography #37”

Record low turnout for Hong Kong “patriots only” election

Pro-Beijing candidates claimed victory in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council (LegCo) election under the new “patriots only” system, per Reuters. Why it matters: This was the first LegCo since Beijing lawmakers passed a sweeping law to ensure only “patriotic” figures can run for positions of power — which U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken called a “denial of democracy.” Voter turnout was the lowestContinue reading “Record low turnout for Hong Kong “patriots only” election”

Let’s talk about Earth’s Black Box – Beau of the Fifth Column