‘It boggles the mind’: Acosta on RFK Jr.’s offensive anti-vaccine speech – CNN

At a rally against vaccine mandates in Washington, DC, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. likened vaccine policies in the US to the actions of a totalitarian state, even suggesting Anne Frank was in a better situation when she was hiding from the Nazis. CNN’s Jim Acosta discusses with John Avlon and Margaret Hoover.

Canada: Disgust growing over vaccine protesters’ Holocaust comparisons

Demonstrators seen wearing yellow stars, holding pictures of Anne Frank At the National Holocaust Monument in Ottawa on Tuesday, they gathered to remember the Babi Yar massacre. Over two days in late September 1941, nearly 34,000 Jewish men, women and children were herded through the streets of Kyiv in Nazi-occupied Ukraine, stripped of their clothingContinue reading “Canada: Disgust growing over vaccine protesters’ Holocaust comparisons”

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