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Argentina’s president charged with allegedly breaking quarantine

The case against Fernandez has grabbed headlines after Argentina imposed stricter lockdowns on the public. Argentinian prosecutors charged President Alberto Fernandez with allegedly breaking a mandatory quarantine when he and his partner hosted a birthday party with friends last year. Local media outlets Dailies Clarin and La Nacion reported the news, citing prosecutors, who didContinue reading “Argentina’s president charged with allegedly breaking quarantine”

Argentina announces ‘circuit-breaker’ lockdown as pandemic rages

Argentina will tighten pandemic lockdown measures to combat a severe second COVID-19 wave, President Alberto Fernandez said on Thursday, underscoring concern as daily cases and deaths have broken records over the last week. The strict “circuit-breaker” measures will come into force on Saturday and last until May 31. They include school and non-essential commerce closuresContinue reading “Argentina announces ‘circuit-breaker’ lockdown as pandemic rages”