US, Europe expand sanctions on Belarus over ‘migrant smuggling’ – WION

The United States, Canada, and European allies expanded sanctions on Belarus placing restrictions on government officials and entities for human rights abuses and official support for “migrant smuggling.”

EU considers sanctions against Belarus airline over migrant arrivals

EU foreign ministers are considering possible sanctions against Belarusia’s national airline over allegations that it is transporting migrants from Iraq in order to push them across the country’s border into the bloc. Several ministers want to stop EU-registered companies leasing aircraft to the country’s national airline Belavia. This would ban European companies from doing anyContinue reading “EU considers sanctions against Belarus airline over migrant arrivals”

Alaska state senator who was banned from airline for refusing to wear a mask tests positive for COVID-19

An Alaska state senator who was banned from Alaska Airlines for not wearing a mask tested positive for COVID-19.  “It’s my turn to battle Covid head on,” State Sen. Lora Reinbold announced on her Facebook page Tuesday.  The state senator has not been able to travel to Alaska’s capital since she was banned from theContinue reading “Alaska state senator who was banned from airline for refusing to wear a mask tests positive for COVID-19”

Let’s talk about the message from Southwest pilots – Beau of the Fifth Column

Trump, right-wingers praise anti-vax Southwest pilots — who turn out to be imaginary

Ted Cruz tries to rewrite baseless claim about Southwest pilots — Trump claims they’re protesting “rigged” election Former President Trump and several right-wing Republican lawmakers claimed over the holiday weekend that hundreds of canceled and delayed Southwest Airlines flights resulted from pilots and other airline employees resisting vaccine mandates. But the airline, the pilots union and the FAA haveContinue reading “Trump, right-wingers praise anti-vax Southwest pilots — who turn out to be imaginary”

Let’s talk about Southwest airlines, disruptions, and evidence – Beau of the Fifth Column

EU agrees on increased sanctions against Belarus

EU foreign ministers gathering in Luxembourg have approved a set of tougher sanctions targeting sectors that will impact the Belarusian regime, according to diplomats. European Union foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg on Monday increased the pressure on Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko by approving tougher sanctions on entities supporting his regime, diplomats said. The agreement, struck at a meeting in Luxembourg,Continue reading “EU agrees on increased sanctions against Belarus”

Major banks, airlines report online outages

Major banks and airlines in Australia and the United States suffered brief online outages Thursday, with several blaming an “external provider” for the disruption. Most of Australia’s major financial firms reported customers could not access websites and mobile apps, while website Downdetector said a slew of US airlines were also affected. American, Delta, United andContinue reading “Major banks, airlines report online outages”

EU bans Belarus airlines as opposition urges G7 sanctions

Belarus carriers will be banned from flying over European Union territory or having access to its airports from Friday, the bloc said, as the country’s exiled opposition leader called for more joint Western sanctions. The EU decision is part of planned punitive measures against Belarus in response to Minsk scrambling a warplane to force theContinue reading “EU bans Belarus airlines as opposition urges G7 sanctions”

Belarus enacts new rules restricting citizens from leaving

Minsk’s border agency has announced new rules that will make it nearly impossible to leave the country. As citizens attempt to flee Belarus, longtime leader Alexander Lukashenko appears to be closing all the exits. Belarus’ border security agency on Monday announced a severe tightening of already strict rules limiting citizens’ ability to exit the countryContinue reading “Belarus enacts new rules restricting citizens from leaving”

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