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Delhi remains engulfed in toxic smog; schools shut, entry of trucks banned – WION

India’s capital Delhi and the surrounding areas meanwhile continue to battle the toxic smog blanket that has engulfed the region. In the latest effort to reduce air pollution, the commission for air quality management has issued a slew of orders to combat the situation.

Climate action cannot wait for pandemic to end, medical journals warn

Global warming is already affecting people’s health so much that emergency action on climate change cannot be put on hold while the world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, medical journals across the globe warned on Monday. “Health is already being harmed by global temperature increases and the destruction of the natural world,” read an editorialContinue reading “Climate action cannot wait for pandemic to end, medical journals warn”

California’s largest fire torches homes as blazes lash West

Flames racing through rugged terrain in Northern California destroyed multiple homes Saturday as the state’s largest wildfire intensified and numerous other blazes battered the U.S. West. The Dixie fire, which started July 14, had already leveled over a dozen houses and other structures when it tore through the tiny community of Indian Falls after dark.Continue reading “California’s largest fire torches homes as blazes lash West”