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Marjorie Taylor Greene Suggests ‘Second Amendment Rights’ Should Be Used Against Democrats

GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene on Tuesday suggested using “Second Amendment rights” on those trying to implement what she referred to as “tyrannical government.”

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Greene, who appeared on former President Donald Trump White House aide Sebastian Gorka‘s radio program Tuesday, was talking about programs proposed by Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. The freshman congresswoman mentioned that Abrams, “in her announcement speech, said she would pursue aggressive vaccinations of Georgians.”

While not in agreement with Abrams’ stance on vaccinations, Greene then transitioned and moved onto the gubernatorial candidate’s stance on guns and the Second Amendment saying, “The next thing she talked about was grabbing people’s guns. She hates Georgia’s Second Amendment rights. She wants to stop constitutional carry,” Greene said.

Greene continued, offering advice to Georgia’s current governor and state lawmakers, urging them to pass and sign legislation to combat Abrams’ call for “grabbing people’s guns.”

She went on to say, “Ultimately, the truth is it’s our Second Amendment rights, our right to bear arms, that protects Americans and gives us the ability to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government,” she said. “And I hate to use this language, but Democrats, they’re exactly … they’re doing exactly what our Founders talked about when they gave us the precious rights that we have.”

Newsweek reached out to Abrams’ campaign for comment but did not hear back before publication.

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Greene, during the interview, also said that “she is not a violent person” and that she hopes to “never see a civil war in this country.”

This isn’t the first time Greene suggested turning to the Second Amendment. In August 2021, while speaking to the Alabama Federation of Republican Women about vaccination volunteers who may show up at their door, Greene suggested using their guns, saying, “Yeah, well, what they don’t know is in the South, we all love our Second Amendment rights.” Greene went on to say that, “We’re not real big on strangers showing up on our front door, are we? They might not like like the welcome they get.”

Last year, by a tally of 230 to 199, the House of Representatives voted to relieve Greene of her committee assignments. Her removal came in response to her past social media postings of some extremist conspiracy theories.

The Georgia Republican’s controversial comments Tuesday came after her personal account was permanently banned from Twitter. Following her ban, Greene urged her supporters to leave Twitter and get Gettr and Gab.


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