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Polish official fired after calling Holocaust law ‘stupid’

A Polish diplomat charged with improving contacts with Jews worldwide has been fired after he criticized his own government’s approach to regulating Holocaust speech, the Foreign Ministry said Monday.

Feb 19, 2018: Poland’s recently introduced legislation to minimize the country’s role in the Holocaust is facing fierce backlash in Israel, where the Polish embassy was spraypainted with two swastikas. The graffiti is likely a response to a law that was passed in Poland earlier in February saying it’s illegal to say that Poland bore responsibility for the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany during the second World War. Critics say it’s an attempt to silence people and rewrite Poland’s place in history.

Jaroslaw Nowak, the plenipotentiary for contacts with the Jewish diaspora described a Holocaust speech law passed by his country’s ruling party as “stupid,” in an interview last week with Jewish News, a weekly newspaper published in the U.K.

Nowak also said Poland should pass a law on property restitution, a statement implying further criticism of the ruling authorities, who recently passed a law cutting off the chances for restitution or compensation for those who had properties seized by the communists. Among those affected are Holocaust survivors and their heirs.

Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau fired Nowak on Saturday, the ministry spokesman, Lukasz Jasina, announced Monday on Twitter. He didn’t give a reason.

The development comes days after Poland recalled its new ambassador to Prague after that diplomat criticized his own country in an interview — in that case, in relation to Poland’s approach to a dispute with the Czech Republic over a state-run coal mine. Ambassador Miroslaw Jasinski spoke of “arrogance” on the Polish side, something the government spokesman called “extremely irresponsible.”

Jan 8, 2020: In Polish capital Warsaw, nationalists want to rewrite history of World War II

Nowak’s dismissal followed him telling Jewish News that he believed legislation passed in 2018 seeking to ban certain statements about Poland and the Holocaust “is one of the stupidest amendments that was ever done by any law.”

The legislation sought to fight back against claims that Poland, a victim of Nazi Germany, bore responsibility for the Holocaust. The law outraged Israel, where many felt it was an attempt to whitewash the fact that some Poles did kill Jews during the German occupation during World War II.

The legislation originally called for prison terms of up to three years for falsely attributing German crimes to Poland. It was later amended to remove the criminal provisions.

Last year, Poland also approved a law that sharply restricts the rights to reclaim property seized by the country’s former communist regime. Among those affected are Holocaust survivors and their heirs.

That law provoked a serious diplomatic dispute with Israel which still remains unresolved.

Mar 8, 2018: Many Jews who live in Poland say propaganda and online hate speech is growing worse, and say they no longer feel safe. In part, they blame Warsaw’s new law forbidding the association of the country with WWII concentration camps.

Nowak said he believed that Poland will at some point “have to do something about” restitution.

Nowak has been involved in Polish-Jewish dialogue since the 1980s. He became the plenipotentiary for contacts with the Jewish diaspora in July.


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