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Indian news channel WION unfazed by Chinese opposition to its Taiwan report – Formosa TV

Dec 5, 2021

India”s multinational news channel WION recently aired an in-depth report on Taiwan. The 15-minute program has elicited an angry response from the Chinese embassy in India, telling Indian media to adhere to the One-China principle and avoid sending wrong messages to the public. In response, a WION news anchor says they will continue to report on Taiwan and thanked China for the, quote “praise.” Over the weekend, Foreign Minister Joseph Wu thanked the Indian news outlet for telling the truth about Taiwan.

From Taiwan”s National Day celebrations to its natural scenery, culture, and economic and trade development, WION”s recent in-depth report “Taiwan: A Force for Good and the Spirit of Resilience” introduced Taiwan to their viewers. It included an interview with Taiwan”s representative in India, Ger Baushuan, so that the Indian public could gain a better understanding of the island nation. But the show triggered a strong reaction from China.

A spokesman of the Chinese embassy in India, Wang Xiaojian, posted on Twitter to express “firm opposition” to the provision of a platform for “Taiwan independent forces.” Without naming the news outlet, he urged India”s media outlets to adhere to the one-China principle and avoid sending wrong messages to the public. WION took notice and gave a response.


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