Poland’s lawmakers reject bill seeking to outlaw abortion

Poland’s lawmakers on Thursday rejected a civic legislative proposal that would have outlawed abortion as homicide.

Nov 12, 2021: Anger in #Poland after a #woman died from complications in her pregnancy. A termination had been delayed because doctors feared breaking Poland’s near-total ban on #abortion.

The vote to reject the proposal at the initial stage was 361-48 with 12 abstentions, and was greeted with applause.

It was overwhelming, also because most among the 228 ruling right-wing party’s lawmakers voted against it. The Law and Justice party said the proposal was extreme and counterproductive. Just 41 among its lawmakers were for proceeding with work on it.

Law and Justice’s rejection of the project was notable because last year it had Poland’s restrictive abortion law tightened, drawing massive street protests.

Submitted by the anti-abortion Pro-Right to Life Foundation, the proposal called for up to 25 years in prison or even life sentences for getting an abortion or assisting a woman to get one.

Poland bans abortion except in cases when the woman’s health or life is in danger or when the pregnancy results from a crime like rape or incest.

In practice, Polish women travel abroad for abortions or order abortion pills through the mail.

Nov 13, 2020: As Poland attempts to pass a new abortion law that amounts to a near-total ban on terminations, including in cases where a baby is sure to die soon after birth, the country’s biggest protests in four decades have erupted, with Polish women challenging church as well as state. Karolina Więckiewicz is a lawyer with the charity Abortion Without Borders, which advises Polish women on abortions and helps them to avail of safe, legal procedures overseas. We follow her on to the streets as women of all ages rise up to demand rights over their own bodies, and an end to social stigma around sex and abortion


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