‘Vigilante’ driver plows into group protesting Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal

Several people protesting against Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal were injured when a car drove into their demonstration in Connecticut.

Nov 22, 2021: BLM protesters in Manchester claim car intentionally hit them, leaving several injured

About 15-20 protesters were blocking portions of a roadway, holding signs and chanting Saturday evening in Manchester when a black car with Massachusetts plates drove toward them, and organizers believe the man intended to hurt them, reported WTIC-TV.

“He was angry,” said Ivelisse Correa, of Black Lives Matter 860. “It looked like he was looking for a reason and he found one. You could tell in his face. The passenger was screaming bloody murder.”

Correa said about six people were struck by the car and four of them injured, including a man whose foot was run over and a 60-year-old woman who was struck head-on.

Police are investigating the incident but declined to offer any specifics about a possible suspect or his motives, but Correa said the incident highlights the issues involved in the Rittenhouse trial.

“This is nothing more than another example of people deputizing themselves against others to police against their own politics and views,” Correa said.

BLM860 released a statement making a similar point.

“Vigilante emboldened by the Rittenhouse verdict commits attempted vehicular homicide against jaywalking protesters who were armed and showed superhuman amounts of restraint,” the group said in a statement.

The protesters said they were allowing vehicles to pass during green lights.


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