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Anger as Boebert refers to ‘jihad squad’ in debate about Republican video depicting murder of AOC

Republican has a long history of bigoted comments

Lauren Boebert has referred to Ilhan Omar as the “jihad squad member from Minnesota” during a House debate on Wednesday.

Nov 17, 2021: AOC Calls For Censure Vote Of Rep. Gosar After He Shared Violent Anime Video

Ms Boebert faced intense criticism on social media for the inflammatory comment during a debate over whether Paul Gosar should be censured for posting an anime clip depicting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being killed.

Ms Boebert also spread an unfounded smear that Ms Omar had paid $1m in campaign funds to “her husband, and not her brother-husband but the other one”.

“While she’s insulting her colleagues and blowing racist dogwhistles, folks in her district are struggling to get by,” wrote Donald Valdez, a Democrat who is running to unseat Ms Boebert in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

Bakari Sellers, a former Member of Congress from South Carolina, said: “How is Lauren Boebert a member of Congress?”

Aaron Rupar, a journalist who tracks right-wing extremism, said: “Today has been a good reminder of what the consequences would be of the GOP taking control of one or both chambers of Congress following the midterms.

“This is an unhinged, dangerous, bigoted, irredeemable party.”


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